This document details the current high level plans for the Maven project as a whole. More information can be found in JIRA under the MPA project.

While this roadmap has a focus on Maven 1.1, individual projects have their own roadmaps which are also defined in JIRA. For example, the full Maven 1.x roadmap can be browsed under the MAVEN JIRA project.

Maven 1.1 beta 1

Maven 1.1 beta 1 will be a feature complete version of Maven 1.1. The main objectives of this release are:

  • Integration of Maven 2 technologies such as Maven Wagon, Maven SCM and the new model code
  • Ant 1.6 support
  • Upgrade to later releases of dependencies, in particular Jelly
  • Improved POM layout
  • Bugfixes

With just a few exceptions, Maven 1.1 will be backwards compatible with Maven 1.0.

Maven 1.1

After sufficient testing of the beta(s) and at least one release candidate, Maven 1.1 will be released.

Maven 2.0 alpha 1

Maven 2.0 is a complete rewrite. It will not be backwards compatible with any of the Maven 1.x releases. However it is significantly faster, and has an architecture that supports implementing the popular requested features that Maven 1.x could not. Many of these features, such as transitive dependencies have already been implemented.

The alpha releases of Maven 2.0 will not be feature complete and are not expected to be production ready. They will be used as a technology preview, however we will work with early adopters to attempt to maintain backwards compatibility as much as possible.