Since i love calling everyone dude (i thought it wouldn't last long but it does - everyone is named dude in my world now), i had to refine a little my use of the word. Honestly, it went pretty naturally to me to expand it uses - see for yourself how wide the possibilities are:

dude! - dudette!
dudelito! - dudelita!
dudelissimo! - dudelissima!
dudeheydude! - dudeheydudetta!
dudemedude! - dudettemedudetta!

and so it goes...

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Return on the MSSC kick off

I'm coming back on last wednesday Montreal Social Software conference meeting for myself to keep notes of this first meeting, and for you to know what is going on with this.
-- Please feel free to add your comment and ideas to this post, your opinion will be of much value to us! --

I wish i wouldn't have been feeling sick for this first meeting with the other guys, but still, we got things moving.

The core team consist of me, martine, michel, sébastien, sylvain, marc, Chris and robin.

So, what will the mssc be about and how are we gonna make it? Let's see:


1 - Make blogging accessible: for amateur and neophytes
educate: we all had one thing in common which is to make this event available to neophytes and amateurs, because blogging is accessible to mostly everyone but not well known by the average people yet.

I do feel like blogs and social softwares are the greatest thing that happened since the internet is born and would like everyone to be able to blog in the next 5 years. I feel like i have discovered something much valuable and want to share it with people around, geek and to-be bloggers.

Problems we are facing are:
- why are there so less girls around the web and into blogging? we have to get them in, but how to encourage female participation?
- how to get non-blogging people to get into it? How could they get to understand this phenomena if these people are not introduced to social softwares and blogs? If we want everyone to have his own blog, we gotta work in making blogging easily understandable and mainstream.

2 - In depth exploration of social softwares: for experienced bloggers
Explore technological, social and cultural issues in depth (the future of blogging, the impact of social softwares on our cultures, corporate blogging, emerging technologies, wikis, let me know what else!).

3 - Encourage interaction:
We want conferences to be open and free, something more like 'working sessions' with people interacting with each other instead of the conventional 45 minutes talk and 10 minutes talk.

4 - The concept - making it different:
We all agreed we need to make this event 'our own', this means, not to recreate something that has been done. We need to find our own 'voice' and what will make this event unique and a must see. Being multicultural makes us different and it has to be reflected in the event itself. The value of our culture in making this event different has to be much explored and brainstormed on in the next weeks.

5 - Name:
We started to brainstorm on a name for the event, focusing on the idea of culture being in the core of the concept. Again, go on with your suggestions by posting a comment on this post or mailing me. Check here for submitted names.


- The event should take place in June 2005
- we expect between 100 and 500 people taking place - this has to be studied more in depth. Will people come from qc only, canada or US and Europe?
- It will be a 1 full day event
- The day should be a saturday so most people could access it
- The conference will be opened by a evening cocktail kinda event on friday evening and will end with a party on the saturday evening.
- Lunch might be provided on location so that lunchtime could be introduced as a networking session, totally taking part of the day
- We want to keep it accessible and we'll try to keep the entry price around 20$
- Different places where tought of, such as the MAC, la Sat, L'hotel des gouverneurs, Centre Mt-Royal, Quartier Éphémère
- Michel was named a responsible to look for the financial backend

And finally, next steps are to create:
- a intern maling list for the core team and one for all volunteers for communication purposes
- fix the financial backend
- all communication stuff (website, banners, mailing, promotional material distribution, communications with medias such as tv, newspapers and magazines)
- fix date and place
- create a team for the setup of the place
- more to come.

The wiki page where you'll find all the info can be found here.

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FITC 2005

Design and Technology festival will be held in toronto next april. Confimed speakers include:

- Michael Cina Michael Young
- Amy Franceschini
- Tom Muller
- Yugo Nakamura
- David Carson

Student price is quite afordable.. 125$, regular pass is 450$.

* FITC 2005

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Et v'lan,

je suis sur le dos.

Je pensais m'en être sortie ya 2 semaines, je pensais que la grippe s'était enfuie en courrant après que je me sois bourré de casse-grippes de tout genres.

Les symptômes sont réaparus hier soir, en plein milieu de la rencontre MSSC : la fièvre, la fatigue et le mal de tête. Paf, bang, K.O.

Mon kit de survie se résume à mes advil, mon sirop, casse-grippes et 2 dvd de Woody.

Mais quelle belle journée pour un allemand qui arrive à montréal vous direz.

'Es ist richtig kalt m-c!'
ja.. f**ng kalt dear.

'Ales klar, Dann gehen wir im bar zu trinken!'
f** dude.. ich bin krank. Totale krank.

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Montreal social software conference: kickoff meeting

We all made it to be there, things are starting to move. Big thx to zeke for lending us the space, and beer.

Stay tuned for upcomming news about the conference on the wiki page.

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Alors, compétition à monsieur p, moi aussi je peux être cité sur le blog de Josée Blanchette. Elle fait un liens à mon entrée intitulée '10 reasons why blogging is good for you', désolé, tjrs pas de version français, c'est encore dans mes todo.

Bienvenue aux nouveaux visiteurs!

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Me in a Woody Allen movie

The romantic comedy Manhattan was the best movie from him i have seen so far. Beautiful picture, people telling the truth straight without flafla, opening themselves with all their vulnerability and sensitivity. I envied them.

I wonder how my life would look like if i would be a character in a Woody Allen movie. I really do.

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Search query report for this weblog:

a best of - will be revised weekly,

- traboulidon
- trashmetal
- tabarnac (!)
- m c turgeon travail (ok, ca ca passe)
- edgar samedi soir mont royal (meat market)
- peteux de broue (!!)
- best artist's designer's blog (eh, cool)
- quotes on creativity by osho (eh cool too)
- frnchr (i want a copyright on the idea if it ever gets on the market - plus my house in LA)

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Indie rock podcast - 'caus we gotta rock da house!

Tracklisting for this podcast, in order (!), get it here!:

(links to band's website on band's names, links to the albums on tracks names)

- Modest Mouse, I've got it all
- The arcade fire, Neighborhood #2
- Block Party, Banquet
- French kicks, The trial of the century
- !!!, Me and Giuliani Down by the river
- hidden track.

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TouchGraph GoogleBrowser

Rad and nice looking way to check who's linked - TouchGraph google browser:

* screenshot 1
* screenshot 2
* screenshot 3

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The french kicks

They did Keane's first part at the spectrum and they were damn great.

They will be playing on march 9th @ La Sala Rossa - grab some mp3's on their website or watch a video on MTV's website.

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!K7 radio

Berlin born label !K7 (K7 standing for Kaiserdamm strass 7) features the like Swayzak, tiga, funkstorung on their online radio - each for an hour DJ set:

* !K7 radio

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Comment dérouter un allemand en visite au québec

Phase 1: l'initiation

- Dès son arrivée à l'aéroport, faire 2 heures de route juste pour lui faire gouter la poutine saucisse-poulet-pois verts et bacon (bio) de chez Denlou à Victo.

- En chemin, ne pas oublier de lui pointer tout les panneaux de mise en garde aux orignaux qu'il y a sur la 20.

- Une fois en région, faire une courte escale au bars l'évasion, 'juste pour le fun dude'...

- Sur le chemin du retour, arrêter au motel Madrid pour boire une 50 (tablette : can there be temporarily members in your club alex?).

- Une fois de retour à Montréal, s'il fait -30, soyez certain de vous stationner à au moins 20 minutes de marche de votre destination finale. S'il pleu, essayez de vous stationner de manière à ce qu'il remplisse ses chaussures de gadoue en sortant de la voiture.

- Pas le temps de défaire les valises. Aussitôt arrivé chez vous, il faudrait qu'il y ait déjà au moins 30 amis qui vous attendent - de préférences des offyulbloggers. Et dans tout ce bô monde, pas un esti qui parle anglais (ou allemand), même Nika devra faire semblant.

- Vers 6 heure du matin, alors qu'il sait même plus cé quoi son nom, le sortir pour une autre poutine, mais cette fois à la Banquise. Bacon et frites bio cé sur.

- Finalement, si vous voulez qu'il reste votre ami (pensez à vos intérêts : les visites en europe vont couter moins cher si vous avez un endroit ou crêcher làbas) laissez le aller se coucher, sans toutefois oublier de lui dire que demain, en fin de matinée, on va aller à Laval (ca sonnera on ne peu plus exotique à ses oreilles) voir les centres d'achats. Bonne nuit dude, bisous.

S'il passe le test, ben il va toffer 2 mois cé sur. Sinon, ben il prendra même pas la peine de défaire ses valises.

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Ze mix 2 - january 17th 2005

Tracklisting (links coming tomorrow) - Get it here -

Continue reading "Ze mix 2 - january 17th 2005"

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Kings of convenience in Montreal

Update ****

* check out the video of 'I'd rather dance' here
* 2 in sessions of the KOC on the bbc website.
* a previous post i made about their last album.

I am out of my fu***g mind ---

Norway's Kings of convenience, with long time adored Erlend Oye will be playing at El Salon on feb. 15th.

That made my day - my week - my month.

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how to earn a living doing what you love

I thought this could be a good way to start a week.

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da german side

My friend Andrew's gonna hit mtl next friday, as you already know, he's gonna be living in mtl for 2 months and i am oh so excited about it -

andrew and i met while i was living in hamburg, he is a designer as well. So yeah, we'll have to rock the place with the new guy pretty soon!

I have compiled together some of the videos i did while still in germany, the file does around 80mb, and andrew is the silly guy at the end, making fun with the camera.

* german life (temporarely removed).

Continue reading "da german side"

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Qc bloggers

On en parle depuis un bout, va maintenant falloir le faire -
la première (corrigez-moi ici) rencontre officielle des carnetiers mtl-qc aura lieu sou peu.

Reste à voir ou, qui et quand. Jusqu'ici moi, alex, antoine et martine avons manifesté notre intérêt pour cette rencontre, et du coté de québec il y a ph et cfd.

Allez y de vos suggestions ou ajoutez vous à la liste en laissant un commentaire sur ce post.

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When ideas follow intuition

Congrats to my designer friend guylaine who followed her intuition by sending to Veer, a stock image company, an advent calendar she has created while recycling their catalogs.

Veer posted about it on their website - seems like they loved the result. Congrats to my friend!

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Your list has 43 things! Congratulations.

Why 43, why not 40, 70, 100?

i've reach the end - there's no way to add anything else on your 43 things list unless you list a goal as 'been done'.

Last item on my list is to relax and breath - something i tend to forget about these days, that makes me think that i probably shouldn't be sitting here writing this right now.

Will kick myself out in the cold and have a pint of my fav beer with friends, that should do.

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Complainte de l'homme rose...

Alex fait un autre coming out,
le manifesto de l'homme rouge -

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Uses of podcasts

Dunno how much time i am spending answering mails everyday - probably 2 to 3 hours.

What if i would just answer emails by voice, record an mp3 and post it straight?

'paul, here's your answer: ...
christopher, here's your answer: ...
you, here's your answer: ...'

The thing is, this data could be archived easily, but it couldn't be found later via a text search. Google speech recognition, soon?

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Les blogs musicaux

Découvert via le blog franco de sébastien, qui lui a trouvé le liens via le musicarnetier David_F :

* Avec les blogs, les mélomanes tissent leur toile

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La revanche des geeks ?

Pour faire suite à mon post Geek ou pas? : à lire aujourd'hui dans le devoir, 'C'est la vie! - Dans un blogue près de chez vous. La fin de la vie privée ou la revanche des geeks ?' par Josée Blanchette.

Il s'enflera surement la tête, mais bon, je suis bien d'accord avec Josée Blanchette pour dire que notre nouveau venu yulblogggiens - aussi connus sous le gars qui ressemble au chanteur de green day - en fait marrer plusieurs. À lire, son post dédié à son meilleur amis tout juste partis pour San Sebastian. Dans le genre, alex, tes chroniques en vacances à cuba viennent de prendre le bord.

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germany, are you moving over?

hi mc,

how are you doing?
the news is: i will come to montreal on 21. of january and stay for two months. i will be there for working with etienne. :)
i hope you will be there and we'll meet!



friends and yulbloggers, get ready for the german guy comming over!!!

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Ipods on the top of the world

From the BBC xmas comedy show.

(via toine)

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Pavement, Kings of Convenience, Swayzak & more

January 12th 2005 podcast, get it here!

- Pavement, Zurich is Stained
- Kings of convenience, Know How
- Kings of convenience, I'd rather dance than talk with you
- ***
- Scissor Sisters, It can't come quickly enough
- Swayzak, Another way
- The Stone Roses, Fool's gold

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Blogger's life crisis

Turning 3 years in march,
near 1000 posts about my life, what i like and stuff i think you should know about.

With my stats growing everyday i feel my freedom is kinda fading away -

"What? all these people reading what i am writing? dude, it better be interesting and damn brilliant... hey, are you sure they arent just making fun of you?"

Do not want to censure myself, but dear readers, i do feel a certain pressure. I feel like all this started with me, writing for myself in my basement, and now i am exposed to an expanding crowd - things have changed.

Am i blogging honestly? am i telling the truth in my writing? who am i blogging for? who the hell am i to share all this stuff everyday? am i investing myself enough or too much? what am i blogging for? am i sharing knowledge that will be helpful to readers? am i sharing opinions from which user will benefit? --- where the hell is all this going to?

dude, do i really need to know all that??

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'Flickr is currently out of use.
Some new user is abusing him'

That user was me -
tonite, i have been flickring myself.

After signing up for a pro account, i moved all my typepad photo albums into my newly acquired flickr space.

Awesome, it is now done. I just hope i found the right place for my pictures to settle down for some time.

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Apple keynote

Everybody's talking about it, so why not me -

Heiko pointed to this really funny note on the apple ipod suffle info page:

2. Do not eat iPod shuffle.

I am oh so happy that the powerbook has no improvement in speed or in processor - sorry alex, but i just spent 3000$ on my pbg4 and would have been much disappointed to see the new one improved for the same price.

Otherwise, the ipod shuffle is quite nice, if you can remember not to eat it.

ph just pointed me to the UK version.. !

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Recent comments are back

The recent comments list is back -
as it was before, under the categories list.

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'Give me a kiss' 'Really?' 'Yeah, why not?'

Ce soir je me suis tapé la comédie romantique par excellence. Absolument sublime, je me demande pourquoi j'ai pas vu ce film auparavant.

'Give me a kiss'
'Yeah, why not? Why dont we kiss now so there won't be all this tension between us and then we can digest our food better? So we kiss now, get over it, and then we go eat ok?'
'oh, ok..'

Annie Hall on Wikipedia:
The film makes pioneering use of various experimental techniques such as split-screen imagery, double exposure, and breaks in character to speak to the camera directly, breaking the fourth wall. In one instance Allen's character, standing in line with Annie Hall and listening to someone behind him expound on Marshall McLuhan's work, leaves the line to speak to the camera directly. The man comes to speak to the camera in his defense and Alvy Singer/Woody Allen resolves the dispute by pulling McLuhan himself from behind a counter to tell the man that his interpretation is wrong.
The film is widely regarded as one of the best comedies ever made, is considered one of Allen's best films and the first of what we now call romantic comedies.

One more item on my wishlist -

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Training material for a radio show

This website has a relatively rich section about training in radio production - many thx to 'toine for the link:

* The Home Of The Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production.

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Siemens a56 for sale

I will put it for sale on ebay at the end of the week. Mail me if you would like to get it.

Works with prepaid cards and is a Siemens a56. In really good conditions, one year of use. I let it go for 40$.

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Elle m'a rentré d'dans

Je pense que j'ai la grippe - mais je vais me battre, je suis pas facile à avoir. J'ai sortis mon arsenal d'échinacea et autres trucs homéopathiques - tout comme les spam, je vais la combattre et me débattre.

J'ai failli m'endormir devant Hanna and her sisters, mais Woody m'a tenue éveillé jusqu'à la fin - ses répliques sont incroyables.

Le légume que je suis s'est retrouvé à zapper entrer les canaux, chose que je fait rarement, pour ensuite tomber sur un show des beach boys. Qui de la génération 80 n'a jamais pataugé dans la piscine pendant que les succès surfin' USA et Good Vibrations jouaient?

Moi je me souviens de m'être lancée sur la 'banane' (un truc glissant jaune que l'on mettait dans les pentes avec de l'eau.. ca glissait pis c'tait drôle jusqu'à un certain point...) en entendant les plus beaux airs des Beach Boys. Je suis partante pour un parté beach boys n'importe quand.

Bref, va falloir que je donne une chance à Smile de Brian Wilson qui se trouve dans ma liste des 'à écouter' depuis des semaines - parce que voyez vous, en plus de mes 'todo' lists je me fais des 'à écouter' list... faut pas se demander pourquoi elle est fatiguée la madame...

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Wifi digital camera

Enfin!! WiFi EasyShare-One camera (via edito.ca).

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Hier soir, longeuil - (video here)

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Geek ou pas

mel 01.mp3

Voici le liens à l'émission Macadam Tribus dont mel parle sur son message.

Les geeks ont une relation très fusionnelle avec leur machine dont il ne peuvent absolument pas se séparer, au point où certains confient qu’ils feraient une dépression si on leur enlevait leurs ordinateurs.

Oh dear.

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