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Welcome to the Medicinal and Computational Chemistry job market. This is an online database of Medicinal and Computational Chemistry developers and managers. In addition to the low-cost on-line database, I also provide tradition recruiting services, whatever best meets your needs.

Managers please click on the "Hiring Managers" button listed above to see all the resumes. Job Seekers, please click on the "Job Seekers" button listed above to see the jobs. Also, I invite the managers to register your job listing in the database, and the candidates to register your resume in the database.

Here you can find someone for a full-time positions, or a contract position. You can find people for both the US, and for europe. If you are looking to hire medicinal or computational chemistry people you have come to the right place. If you are looking for medicinal or computational chemistry work you have also come to the right place.

For managers, this market represents a new way to find your next medicinal or computational chemistry employee or consultant. The new approach, represented here, is for us to maintain for you a list of all of the candidates who are good choices for your company. This database, has all the information ready and organized in a way that makes it easy for you to just choose the right person. It is useful to contrast this approach to the old way. The old way was to post an advertisement, wait for a few days to be flooded by about 300 applicants, spend a week sorting through all the resumes, and then be disappointed that you did not find the right candidate. In contrast, the new way is for us to maintain a list of who the good candidates are for you. Then when you need to hire someone, all the needed information is ready and waiting for you, and can be quickly updated.

You can start by scanning through the list of Medicinal and Computational Chemistry professionals listed in the database, and read just the resumes that look interesting to you, and then you can either talk to the candidates directly, or else first have someone else do the phone screens and reference checks. Then let me know who looks interesting to you, and I will create a custom job market, with just those candidates who you are interested in listed. If you would like to be introduced to any of the candidates listed below, then send an email to: If you do not like any of them, then go ahead and send me an email and I will add some more candidates here who better fit your needs. The cost for this service is $100 for me to do a phone screen or reference check, and $2500 for you to be introduced to a fully qualified candidate. I guarantee the information to be correct. Specifically, if you choose to be introduced to a candidate, and decide to not hire the person because some of the information below was incorrect, you get your money back.

Some of the candidates choose not to have their resumes listed publicly, they only want to be introduced to my best clients and be placed based on their personal reputation. Ask about my traditional recruiting services which gives you access to these hidden candidates, as part of a more personalized service.

Again, I invite the managers to register your job listing in the database, and the candidates to register your resume in the database.

IntroductionResumesIntroductionSubmit ResumePostJobCase StudiesContact Information
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