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Welcome to the North American Meteor Network homepage--
dedicated to coverage of sporadic and meteor shower activity.

NAMN serves to:

Founded in June 1995.


Here is a link that provides information of interest
to the beginning and advanced meteor enthusiast.

Getting Started
What the NAMN is all about

NAMN Observing Guide
An extensive educational guide to observing meteors

Meteor Observing Calendar for 1999
List of Meteor Showers the NAMN will concentrate on during 1998

Limiting Magnitude Charts
Charts for determining sky conditions

Observing Report Forms
Various report forms for submitting observations

NAMN Notes
A newsletter highlighting upcoming meteor activity and other news

Radiant Rising

Observation Summaries
Summaries of meteor activity seen by NAMN members

NAMN Mailing List
An e-mail list devoted to all aspects of meteor observing

Meteor Shower WWW links
Other very informative meteor shower links on the WorldWideWeb

This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on August 15, 1997,
with special recognition going to the NAMN Observing Guide!

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