This project provides generic Goals Grabbing mechanism. It is articulated around IGoalsGrabber interface that exposes the following methods :

  • public String[] getPlugins();
  • public String[] getGoals(String pluginName);
  • public String[] getPrereqs(String fullyQualifiedGoalName);
  • public String getDescription(String fullyQualifiedGoalName);

There are three implementations available :

  • DefaultGoalsGrabber that grabs the goals cached in $${user.home}/.maven/plugins/goals.cache
  • ProjectGoalsGrabber that grabs the user defined goals declared in a maven.xml file
  • GoalsGrabberAggregator that only aggregates various IGoalsGrabber

This project also provides a simple Maven Reports Grabbing mechanism through the IReportsFinder interface which defines the following method :

  • public String[] findReports();

A basic implementation is provided which simply greps for <doc:registerReport in the Maven plugins directory. Original code for grepping by Ute Schneider.

Please refer to this document to have a quick understanding of the module architecture.