Maven aims to make the developer's life easier by providing a well defined project structure, well defined development processes to follow, and a coherent body of documentation that keeps developers and clients apprised of what's happening with your project.

Maven alleviates a lot of what most developers consider drudgery and lets them get on with the task at hand. To attain that goal Maven is centred around the notion of Project Object Model (POM), an XML file describing, among other things, the layout of the project. On the other hand every single IDE has its own way of representing the settings needed to build a project. Thus there is a discrepancy that makes both sides harder to maintain and kept in synch.

Mevenide aims to integrate Maven into standard IDEs. There are a number of areas that can be worked on such as POM editing, IDE and POM synchronization, launching Maven from within the IDE, providing wizards for mavenized projects, managing Maven runtime properties, etc. Please note that only Eclipse and NetBeans are currently targeted ; you might refer to those documents for a list of implemented features :