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Revised 01/20/01

How to Nominate a Big Tree

We are always on the lookout for big trees.  Please contact Dr. Elwood Ehrle at Western Michigan University to nominate a big tree.  His email address is and his phone number is 616-375-1953.

History of the Big Trees Project

The Big Tree Program of the Michigan Botanical Club started soon after the organization of the club in 1941.  Paul Thompson, affiliated with the Cranbrook Institute of Science, become the state's Big Tree Coordinator and served in the capacity for over forty years until his death in 1994.  Many individuals, mostly Michigan Botanical Club members, worked with Paul over the years as he set about discovering, measuring, and recording Michigan's biggest trees and shrubs.  Champion-sized trees were reported to American Forests, nominated for National Champion status, and subsequently listed in the "National Register of Big Trees" issued every two years by American Forests.

Elwood Ehrle, from Western Michigan University, began working with Paul Thompson in 1991.  They decided to prepare a series of short articles for publication in The Michigan Botanist.  As of February 15, 1998, 15 articles have been published and more are in preparation. 

This page updated on 01/20/01

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