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 What can I find on MORRIS?
  • Access to various legal titles including treatises, law journals, reviews, movies, etc. 
  • Links to internet resources and full-text databases.
  • Online research tutorials
  • Scheduled library events
  • Circulation status of items, as well as publication updates
 What won't I find on MORRIS Citations to case law, statutes or regulations; although, MORRIS will link you to the online full text or location of these in print when possible.
 The book I want in checked out, what do I do?
  • Use the "request"  feature within the item record to obtain the book.  
  • You may also want to see if the University Library has a copy.  In MORRIS, click on the "Search in Orbis" link.
 How can I see what records I have saved?
  •  In MORRIS, save  to your list then click on the view saved link 
 How can I tell when an item was last updated? Library holdings information is available for MORRIS  for journals and all titles that are updated by advance sheets,
pocket parts, looseleaf filings, etc.  Look for the "Latest Received" link in the catalog
 How do I connect to online resources linked from the catalog?
  • In Morris click on the "Available Online" link.
 Morris indicates the book is at LSF, what does this mean?  This book is at the Library Shelving Facility (LSF) use the "request" button and the book will arrive at the  Law Library circulation desk in about 24 hours.  You will receive an email notification once it arrives.
 Morris indicates the book is on order or in process, what does this mean?  If a book is "on order" we are still waiting for  it to arrive from the publisher.  You may need to request the source through ILL.  If the book is "in process" or "recently returned" it will soon be on the shelf.
 What if the item that I need is not listed in Morris?  Check Orbis, Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL),  or ShareLaw.
 Can I recommend a purchase for the Law Library collection?  Email Fred Shapiro
 Who should I contact if there is a broken link in the catalog?  Email Scott Matheson
 Who should I contact if I need more assistance? In-Person - Reference Desk
Telephone - 203-432-1606
Email - 
AIM - ylslibrary     Yahoo! Messenger - ylslibrary
Google Talk -
Text Message - 203-936-9253

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