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Create Your Custom Start Page

It may be a small world. But it's an extremely large, tangled, and ever-expanding World Wide Web. Luckily, an MSN custom start page can help manage your online adventures.

To help you set up your page, we've organized your options into four categories:
. 1 Personal Preferences: Tell us who you are and what you want to see. Select the speed and quality of your graphics. Add some entertaining sound clips to your page.
  2 Services: Get all the essential services you need—from stock quotes, financial information, and sports scores to movie times, concert listings, and music reviews.
  3 News & Entertainment: Let MSNBC News keep you current with all the latest news. Or see what's on the tube tonight with custom TV listings. Plus you'll find comic strips, online magazines, political pundits, weather, and more.
  4 Internet Searches: You select the searches you'd like to use, categories of Web sites you'd like us to bring, and links to favored sites you already know.
It's all pretty straightforward. One reminder: You must select Page Setup at the end of each section. This saves all your important information.

Let's get customized!

Don't have time to create a page now? Want us to create one for you?



The thing about fast food joints is, no sole almondine.

The thing about picking up the morning paper on the bus is, the sports section is often missing.

The thing about the dentist's office is, all the magazines are six months old.

The thing about TV is—well, you know.

The point is, life doesn't have to be generic anymore. If you take the time to tell us who you are, we're quite willing to cater to your tastes.
Even your whims.


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