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The Apache Software Webring is a collection of cooperating sites that contain information or provide support for the free software packages from the Apache Software Foundation.

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GUI Management Tools for Apache by apache_foundation
This site is devoted to tools designed to help Webmasters manage and administer their Apache configurations.

Directory of Apache items available for purchase by ken_coar
This page contains pointers to most if not all of the Apache-related items for sale on the Web. Books, clothes, miscellaneous items...

Apache Knowledge Base by nathanwallace
A hierachical, searchable collection of Apache questions and answers. Anyone can contribute and everyone is encouraged to do so.

Apache Server on Windows platform by samdarshipali
This is a article about web development platform using open source softwares - Apache WWW Server, PHP scripting language and MySQL database server.

The Open Server Architecture Project by dsr_opensa
The OpenSA web server is based on the Apache HTTP Server, which is the most popular server on the Web. This web Server runs on Windows 95®, Windows 98®, Windows NT®, Windows 2000 Professional® and all Windows 2000 Server® versions. It has been tested on both production and development systems, to be stable and reliable enough for usage in a production environment.

Guide to using OpenSA Web Server by fpuserau
A guide to using different things with the OpenSA Web Server. Stuff here can also be used with the normal Win32 version of Apache from the ASF.

Apache Today by paulmferris
Your Daily Source for Apache News and Information

Apache-Tools by richzroth
A rapidly growing Compendium of Apache Tools, Sites & Information about the Apache Web server -- includes GUI configurations tools for Apache from the Gui-Dev group. (

Apache Toolbox by bandrews01
Apache Toolbox provides a means to easily compile Apache (IPv4/6) SSL, PHP(v3/v4), MySQL, Jakarta, a large number of modules (58 3rd party modules and 36 default Apache modules, static or as DSOs), and GD libraries with PNG+JPEG+Freetype2+zlib support. It is fully customizable and menu-driven. Everything is compiled from source, and wget is used to download any missing modules.

Apache Web Server on OpenVMS by ken_coar
This location describes the status and issues with the port of the Apache Web server software to OpenVMS.

Serveurs.Net installation de Apache et autres modules by serveurs
Installation de Apache et autres modules. Apache installation and other modules (in French)

phpmylinux by phpmylinux
phpmylinux is a website where you can find informations about Linux, Apache, php and MySQL.

Japanese Apache HTTP Server Documentation Project by hyoshiki0
Home of Japanese Apache web server documentation project. You can find the information about ongoing Japanese translation here.

Spanish translation of Apache's documentation by villatematiz
This is the homepage for the group of volunteers who contribute with the translation of the Apache Documentation Project into Spanish. We keep a list of translators and documents translated or being translated, a mailing list, a copy of the original Apache Documentation Project Repository and our own cvs repository for the translations.

Apache Desktop Reference by ralf_engelschall
The companion website to the Addison Wesley book "Apache Desktop Reference" by Ralf S. Engelschall.

'Apache Server Unleashed' book companion site
This is the companion Web site for the 'Apache Server Unleashed' book published by Sams Publishing.

Apache Module Development in C
This is the companions Web site for the 'Apache Module Development in C' book being written by Ken Coar and Ryan Bloom, and published by Addison-Wesley. Up-to-date information about the book (such as errata, online examples, and feedback forms) can be found here.

Apache Server support Web site by mturkmap
ApacheOnHand home site. ApacheOnHand is powerfull Apache HTTP Server management and configuration tool. It runs on Windows NT or WIN2K platforms and can manage multiple Apache Services. It can also manage *NIX based servers, but without the Service management options.

Generux Consulting by ecofsky_2000
Provides system administration and custom application development for companies using Open Source Software packages, including Linux, Apache, Sendmail, Bind, Zope, and others. Software packages, monthly and hourly rates available.

Chuck's Page! by acg_slydder
Just my own little contribution to help support Apache and lots else.

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