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    Welcome to
    This site is home to the NetBeans Open Source project. NetBeans is a modular, standards-based integrated development environment (IDE), written in Java. It currently has support for Java, but its architecture lends itself to supporting other languages as well. The source base was contributed by Sun Microsystems.

    What does mean for you? It means you can download and modify the source code to the NetBeans IDE. You can patch the sources, and make bugfixes. If you think your modification/s might be of use to other NetBeans users, you can submit them for inclusion in the IDE itself - some of these are already coming in. You can even write your own new module, host it here, and get other developers involved in it. Join mailing lists and contribute directly to the decisions being made by the community about how the IDE will evolve, which features and functionality are most important, and exactly what those should be. Welcome to

    What's here ?

    • The NetBeans IDE!
      The IDE itself is of course available here - download NetBeans and see what it can do yourself. If you're new to the IDE, check out the Quick Introduction to NetBeans - including screenshots, a quick walk through some IDE Basics, and an introduction to customizing NetBeans to suit your own programming style.

    • The Source Code
      First and foremost, hosts the source code to NetBeans. The source code is available under the Sun Public License, a variant of the Mozilla Public License. More about the sources.

    • The Open APIs
      The APIs are a general-purpose framework for describing how IDE- related functionality can be implemented and work as a whole. Read more about the APIs.

    • Modules
      All existing stable, "base" NetBeans modules are here, along with experimental modules - such as the Emacs integration. There's also a wishlist, a list of ideas for cool or useful modules. See the modules pages for full listings.

    • Mailing Lists and Forums
      As with any open source project, our goal is to get the community involved - the mailing lists and forums are a good place to start.

    • The FAQ
      You know the drill - read the FAQ.

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    Sun, Java, JavaBeans, Forte, NetBeans and all NetBeans based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Mozilla is a registered trademark of Netscape Communications, Inc.

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