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Contact & Support

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For Consumers

Welcome to the NAI Contact and Support Center.  Here you can learn more about the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), as well as about online behavioral advertising (or interest-based advertising) in general.  If you prefer, you can also opt out from online behavioral advertising (OBA) from participating member companies.  In the event that you’ve experienced any problems with our opt-out tool or if you believe any of our member companies may be violating the NAI Code of Conduct, please select “Report a Problem” below to access our customer service page.

This is also where you can contact us, whether you are a consumer looking for assistance, a representative of a company interested in applying for NAI membership, or a member of the press or consumer advocacy group.

 Learn more about OBA

Do you have questions, or would like to learn more about Online Behavioral Advertising?  While OBAoffers many benefits, including ads that are more relevant to you and enabling web publishers to provide free web content and services, we recognize that data collection and use by any party has privacy implications. Our Consumer Education page aims to answer some of the questions you may have about online behavioral advertising in order to help you make the choices that are right for you. 

 Learn more about the NAI

Would you like to learn more about the Network Advertising Initiative, including our Principles and the History of our organization?  Here you can also learn about NAI staff, our Board of Directors, and our members.

 Opt Out of OBA

Would you prefer that some or all NAI member companies stop collecting data for OBA on your browser? Our opt-out tool is designed to help you exercise that choice. 

 Report a Problem

Having problems with our opt-out tool?  Our customer service page is designed to help you adjust any browser settings that may interfere with the functionality of our opt-out tool, and to better explain what opting out from OBA can and can not accomplish.  Here you can also contact us in order to report any malfunctions with the opt-out tool, any potential NAI Code violations by our member companies, or to provide us general feedback. 

For companies interested in becoming members of the NAI

 Join the NAI

Please select this option if you are a representative of a company interested in receiving more information about the benefits of becoming a member of the Network Advertising Initiative. 

For members of the press or advocacy groups 

 Press Inquiries

If you are a member of the press and have questions about the NAI, would like to access more information about our organization and our members, or would like to request a meeting with our staff, please contact us here.