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Join the leading online advertising companies in shaping policy and practice for OBA.

The online advertising industry is thriving. The Internet is more accessible than ever before, and consumers are spending more time online as a result. New technologies and new players emerge almost daily, and brands are committing more and more of their budget to online advertising.

But as online advertising has grown, so too has awareness of privacy issues online. Consumers seek to balance their personal privacy with the content and services on which they depend. Companies providing online advertising and related services face an ever-shifting privacy and regulatory landscape.

Against this backdrop, the NAI is more necessary and relevant than ever before. Our membership of more than 90 companies represent ad networks, data providers, analytics providers, and other third-party services and platforms that enable web content and service providers to provide the high-quality, free and low-cost content on which consumers have come to depend for news, entertainment, and communication. We represent the online advertising industry’s unique interests better than any other organization and serve as the industry’s thought leader.

Our Mission:

  • To develop and enforce meaningful standards governing the collection of data for online behavioral advertising in a rapidly changing ecosystem;
  • To provide information and tools to empower consumers to make informed choices regarding their online experience; and
  • To promote the long-term growth and viability of the Internet as a vibrant marketing channel.

Online advertising and the related policies will play a defining role as the importance of the Internet to our daily lives continues to grow and new technologies emerge. The NAI will be there to lead the way in establishing standards that respect consumer privacy and keep industry strong.

Join us as we help shape this future.