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  • Expertise: The NAI focuses solely on the issues most important to the third-party interest-based online advertising ecosystem;
  • Experience: The NAI has been here since the beginning and we know the issues;
  • Longevity: The NAI Code of Conduct is the longest standing, most robust self-regulatory program for online advertising;
  • Access: Members have access to the NAI’s team of compliance attorneys and staff to discuss compliance, best practices, regulatory developments, and other topical issues; and
  • Confidence: The NAI is a known commodity in the online advertising and regulatory world – agencies, publishers, clients, and other industry players are all familiar with the NAI and the Code.

As an NAI member, you will receive:

  • Robust annual compliance reviews: The NAI provides ongoing, systemic, and documented technical and policy compliance reviews for its members to help demonstrate ongoing compliance;
  • Technical support: NAI staff tests opt-tools and provides a consumer feedback channel to help identify issues before they escalate into problems;
  • Advocacy:  The NAI ensures that policy-makers understand the critical role of the third-party advertising ecosystem and online behavioral advertising to the Internet and e-commerce;
  • Voice: As a member, you’ll be part of ongoing development and refinement of NAI policies reflecting industry best practices;
  • Knowledge:  Members receive regular updates on key initiatives impacting our industry, ensuring you have the information you need; and
  • Networking: The NAI maintains relationships with leading industry innovators, enabling our members to stay on top of the latest technical changes and policy developments.

Members also receive:

  • News and Insight: Members receive comprehensive weekly legislative updates, briefings on key court decisions, summaries of key issues and events, and much more, meaning you’ll always be on top of key issues that have the potential to affect your business;
  • Exclusive Online Access: Download our guides to best practices guides, tips for Code compliance, legislative databases, and more – only for NAI members;
  • The NAI Membership Directory: All members receive our exclusive membership directory, giving you the opportunity to build your network of top industry execs.

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