NAI Members

NAI Members

The companies listed below are members of the NAI and offer opt out choices on this site.


24/7 Real Media Inc. is a leading global digital marketing company, empowering advertisers and publishers to engage their target audiences with greater precision, transparency, and ROI. Using its award winning ad serving, targeting, tracking, and analytics platform, powerful search marketing capabilities and global network of specialized Web sites, the company has turned the art of reaching audiences across virtually any digital medium into a measurable science.

Over 600,000 publishers and more than 375 Fortune 1000 marketers use 33Across’s Brand Graph™ technology, tools, and real-time predictive systems to connect their content and products into the social graph. Clients rely on their Brand Graph to leverage how individuals and the networks around them react to what is read, purchased, shared, and recommended in real-time. Reaching over a billion users, 33Across processes tens of thousands anonymous social engagement, influence, and interest actions that surround marketer and publisher brands each second. The company has offices in 11 cities including New York, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Detroit, and Boston.

More information about our privacy practices can be found at
Adap.png builds technology that destroys the inefficiencies of television and video advertising. It delivers a programmatic way to plan, buy, sell and measure across multiple sources, screens and methods of transacting. is comprised of two operational units - the Platform and the Marketplace. The Platform provides advertisers, publishers and ad networks with automated ad trading solutions customized to meet any business goal. As the world's largest source of video supply and demand, the Marketplace has thousands of sellers and hundreds of campaigns running daily. Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, London and Sydney. is a privately held company backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Gemini Israel Funds, Redpoint Ventures and Spark Capital. For more information, please visit Follow on Twitter @Adaptv. For more information about our privacy practices, click here.

Adara Media is an online media services company that provides brand advertisers and marketers the ability to connect with customers of other brands through our proprietary audience platform. The platform allows advertisers and marketers to leverage proprietary demographic and transaction data from recognizable consumer brands and trusted data providers, to create "the right message to the right people at the right time" at the right price. Adara Media does not collect personally identifable information for use on our advertising platform. Please see our privacy policy for more information about our services and privacy practices.

Adblade is one of the largest premium only ad networks in the US. Adblade reaches over 130 million monthly unique users in the US on over 400 premium publishers including: USAToday, MSNBC and FoxNews. With the introduction of our copyrighted "Newsbullet" ad unit, Adblade has helped both brand advertisers and premium publishers succeed in a very competitive online marketplace.

Brands see the Newsbullet as a unique vehicle for highly effective messaging to our massive, premium-only, brand safe audience. Direct response advertisers value our strong customer support, proprietary optimization technology and industry-leading ROI. Premium publishers find a trusted partner able to deliver consistent and substantial advertising revenue.

AdBrite is a real-time ad exchange serving over one billion impressions a day on over 100,000 sites. We are focused on maximizing advertiser ROI and publisher yield through best-in-class-targeting and optimization technology. We do not exist to sell ads. We exist to give advertisers easy access to gobs of inventory through auction-driven pricing. When the market sets the price and the exchange is completely transparent, advertisers know exactly what they are paying for, and it is less than they pay now.

Adchemy is a digital marketing technology company with roots in algorithm-based performance marketing. Using our audience data management platform (DMP) and search engine marketing solutions, our customers can deliver highly relevant advertising experiences to online audiences across channels at an unprecedented scale. To learn about Adchemy's commitment to privacy please visit our Technology Platform Privacy Policy.

Adconion Media Group is the world's largest content distribution and monetisation platform, reaching more than 350 million unique users every month around the globe. Adconion is dedicated to providing advertisers and publishers with the best products, technology and data analysis to create successful online campaigns. Combining the power of global reach with local presence, Adconion helps advertisers reach customers with a variety of solutions from video and display advertising to search retargeting. Adconion has 16 offices in 7 countries and sits on the board of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is a member of IASH Europe.

Aggregate Knowledge is the leading provider of buy-side optimization technology allowing agencies and advertisers to reach their desired audiences and maximize consumer interactions for any brand or direct response campaign. On every ad impression, the Aggregate Knowledge Discovery™ Platform first validates the audience reached, then selects the best creative, and dynamically personalizes its content for maximum impact. The result: zero waste, self-optimizing campaigns, and personalized content displayed over any display inventory.


Akamai Technologies, Inc. provides market-leading managed services for powering rich media, dynamic transactions, and enterprise applications online. Some of these services help publishers and advertisers from across Akamai's customer base to better understand their consumer end users and to provide more personalized on-line experiences, including by better targeting advertising. To learn more about Akamai's commitment to privacy, please click here.

AOL Advertising is a leading global Web services company with an extensive suite of brands and offerings. AOL is focused on attracting and engaging consumers and providing valuable online advertising services via AOL Advertising (a subsidiary of AOL Inc.), which integrates AOL's leading media properties, targeted marketing technology, and's mass reach into a unified advertising solution for advertisers and publishers. Our proprietary technologies allow us to deliver relevant, targeted advertising to individuals, but not at the expense of individual privacy. Please note that AOL Advertising is in the process of integrating our advertising brands and platforms. During this process, you may see references - on our websites, in our domain names, and in the names of the cookies we use to help customize your experience - to a number of service and brand names, such as, TACODA, Quigo, AdSonar, ADTECH, and

To learn more about how we collect and use information for online advertising, please visit

Aperture is a service of Datran Media, a leading digital marketing technology company. Aperture enables leading advertisers and publishers to measure the aggregated attributes of the audience that views their websites or marketing campaigns and delivers relevant advertising to consumers based on those attributes.

To learn more about how Aperture collects and uses information, please visit:


AppNexus is the world leader in real-time advertising technology. AppNexus has created a platform that innovative companies use to buy, sell, and deliver online advertising, including interest-based advertising, through real-time auctions or direct campaigns. Our platform lets clients use non-personally identifiable information to deliver relevant advertising to their desired audience. AppNexus's membership in the NAI reflects our commitment to responsible practices. Visit our privacy statement to learn more about privacy on the AppNexus Platform.

AudienceScience provides relevant advertisements to consumers based on your interests. In order to provide advertisements that may be of interest to you, AudienceScience uses general information about the types of Web sites you visit and other non-personally identifiable information about you. AudienceScience, along with its affiliated publishers and advertisers, holds the privacy of its users in the strictest confidence. At no time is personally identifiable information associated with any behavioral data in the AudienceScience Audience Search Network. All information gathered by AudienceScience remains the sole property of our customers. Please see our privacy policy for additional information on our product and privacy practices.

Batanga is the leading U.S. Hispanic-focused online media company. The Batanga Network reaches the most U.S. Hispanics online, across all categories and all demographics. Utilizing market exclusive targeting technologies, the network effectively aggregates and delivers online audiences within culturally relevant online environments., one of its premier online destinations, has consistently been one of the top online destinations for U.S. Hispanics over the past ten years. Batanga, Inc. maintains offices in Miami, New York and Mexico City. For more information visit

Note: Batanga Network utilizes third-party ad serving technology provided by DoubleClick and Collective. As such, all cookies placed by Batanga Network, including their opt-out cookies, will appear as DoubleClick and/or Collective cookies.

BlueKai is the creator of the first and largest online data exchange that is designed with consumer transparency and participation in mind. Unlike ad networks, BlueKai does not sell ads or impressions. By aggregating valuable shopping and research data across the Internet, BlueKai enables marketers and ad networks to drive effective and scalable targeting and prospecting campaigns. Publishers can participate as intent data providers to earn revenue in a privacy friendly way. Our goal is to create the next-generation approach to effective online marketing that is driven by intent data and advocacy for consumer participation.

BrightRoll with more than 70 million monthly unique viewers, BrightRoll is the world's largest and most trusted video ad network and the leading provider of online video advertising services. The BrightRoll Network has access to billions of video impressions per month enabling advertisers to execute smart online video campaigns across a massive pool of web and mobile app video inventory. BrightRoll's proprietary buying technology, combined with its full site disclosure, detailed performance reports and flexible targeting provide brands and agencies with the reach, frequency and scalability needed to achieve their campaign goals. Please visit the BrightRoll privacy page to learn more about our commitment to maintaining consumer privacy.

Brilig is an open marketplace where recipes for unique advertising audiences are created, analyzed, bought and sold under the governance of Brilig's audience commerce platform. The Brilig system removes any limitation to the listing, combination and segmentation of audience data, enabling truly novel forms of targeting to be devised and deployed. As a free market, Brilig does not set the prices, act as a gatekeeper to the market, or limit what data combinations or segments are available. Because of this singular neutral position, Brilig can provide data to anyone, including firms that might be thought of as competitors.