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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 16:02 GMT 17:02 UK
Spiked notes (archive photo)
An elderly Chinese couple who only communicate through notes go to court over the household bills.

Vecna Technologies Bear robot rescues wounded troops
The US military develops a robot teddy bear to carry injured soldiers away from the battlefield.

Sir Mick Jagger Stones gig sparks 50km tailback
The start of the Rolling Stones' latest European tour in Belgium attracts 33,000 fans and a huge traffic jam.

A removal van at Downing Street Removal men arrive at Downing St
Removal men arrive at No 10 Downing St to pack away Tony Blair's possessions ahead of his departure.

Robbed station 'had open windows'
A police station which was targeted by burglars was left with its windows open and its alarm switched off.

Crackdown on lunar-fuelled crime
Sussex Police run research into whether there is a rise in violent crime at times when the moon is full.

Talking paper made by scientists
Researchers create digital paper that emits recorded sound in response to a user's touch.

Banana sarnies get dog off hook
A dog is prescribed a diet of banana sandwiches after she swallowed a fish hook which lodged in her stomach.

Mayor decision made by coin flip
Councillor Jim Rodgers has become Belfast's lord mayor for a second time, thanks to a flip of a coin.


Air guitarist Air guitar hopefuls compete on US stage

Bird with chicks in bathroom nest Bird sets up nest in bathroom

Deep-fried cricket Tasty treats: Crickets bring joy to Cambodia


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Storyfix graphic Sweatshops, dinosaurs and hide and seek


Smashed Ferrari Enzo Comedian wrecks rare Ferrari

Knut the polar bear Baby bear steals the spotlight

A goat Animal husbandry
Sudan man 'marries' goat after caught in delicate position

A woman inflates a condom during a blowing-condom match Size does matter
Are bog-standard condoms too big for Indian men?
Plane Going nowhere
Traffic chaos as jet plane abandoned in busy Indian street

The remains of the two reptiles Feeding frenzy
Python bites off more than it can chew in swamp battle


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