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Thursday, 8 August, 2002, 16:24 GMT 17:24 UK

A mosquito Deadly virus spreads across US
US authorities say a fifth person has died in an outbreak of West Nile virus, which has spread to five states and the capital region.

Hormone reduces appetite by a third
A hormone that can significantly decrease the appetite and reduce the desire for food by a third, has been discovered by scientists.

Cancer drug restores hair colour
A drug developed to treat leukaemia has been found to have surprising side effect - it appears able to restore colour to grey hair.

Robot hand for the disabled
Getting a glass of water in the night could soon be far easier for disabled people - a robot could do it for them.

A new type of false teeth
Dentures could one day be replaced by teeth grown from human cells in the laboratory.

Sun cream chemical warning
Experts are warning a chemical used in sun creams and moisturisers can trigger allergic reactions.

Penis amputated 'by accident'
A Mexican surgeon "accidentally" cut off the penis of a patient who had only come in for a circumcision.

Drivers 'at risk' of blood clots
Drivers as well as air passengers could be at risk from deep vein thrombosis on long trips, warns the RAC Foundation.

Shock therapy for obese
Electric shock is the latest method of curbing hunger and helping people lose weight.

Banned doctor hopes to return to the NHS
A doctor struck off following a series of botched operations says he hopes to work again in the NHS.

Twin has surgery after complications
One of the conjoined twins separated in Los Angeles is rushed back into surgery because of bleeding on the brain.

Ambulances 'fiddling response times'
Ambulances are fiddling response times to 999 calls, according to a report by the head of one ambulance trust.

Australia split over foetus research
Australian politicians and scientists clash over the use of aborted foetuses for research as parliament prepares to vote on the issue.

Close-up on cancer genes
Scientists have found a way to detect the earliest signs of cancer in a human cell.

The robotic arm could help the disabled
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Electric shocks could help people lose weight
Shock to the stomach

Images of the 22-hour operation in Los Angeles to separate conjoined twin girls from Guatemala
Twins separated in US

Donor-conceived children are demanding the right to know about their biological parents.
Who are my parents?

The cancer drug gleevec has been found to restore hair colour to patients who took it.It's not dyed
Cancer drug restores colour to grey hair

Experts are warning some sun creams contain a chemical which can trigger allergiesSun cream warning
Chemical could trigger allergies

A surgery blunder left a Mexican man without his penisChop horror
Penis amputation "accident" shocks Mexico

Pundits welcome mining giant Anglo American's plan to provide free HIV therapy for southern African staff, but warn it is not a panaceaTwo cheers
Cautious welcome for free Aids drug plan

BBC Health on how to give up smokingBBC Health
Quitting tips for smokers
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