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    Some Open Access journals demand Open Access publication charges for making the articles they publish directly available. Generally speaking, the exclusive exploitation rights remain with the author of the work in such cases. Only non-exclusive exploitation rights are transferred to the publisher. This process is known as the “golden road” to Open Access.

    The golden road to Open Access is only a viable concept for financing scientific information if,

    • the publication costs are paid out of the same budget as the subscription costs for scientific information resources
    • it takes some of the pressure off an individual scientist’s or a research group’s budget for materials and
    • enables total costs to be controlled, thus avoiding duplicate payments.

    The Max Planck Society has been taking the “golden road” since 2003.

    The up-to-date list of publishers and journals whose fees are paid for members of the Max Planck Society from a central budget at the Max Planck Digital Library can be found here (in German only).