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Search Improvements

Bugs noted post-launch:

  • Search results labels should be a fixed width.
  • Sort table cell on search results page should not be a fixed width.
  • Runtime error occurring on search page in Netscape 4.x browsers. Fixed 1 July.
  • search.js was not being found in Netscape 4.x browsers. Fixed 28 June.
  • Horizontal rules are not placed appropriately on search results page. Fixed 28 June.
  • Spacing before first record on search results page is too large in Netscape 4.x browsers. Fixed 28 June.

If there are other bugs you've noticed, please send them to Kat Hagedorn. We expect to be fixing these bugs in the next week.

We realize that there are improvements to be made to our search interface. Expect the following in subsequent updates of our service:

  • Advanced search. Ability to search using Boolean and proximity operators.
  • Better sorting. Fine tuning of title, author, and date sorting. More appropriate insertion of records in the sort that don't contain the field you're sorting on.
  • Date searching. Single date and date range searching.
  • Revising search. Ability to revise the search you just made.
  • Saving records. Ability to save records during a session to a bookbag, and download and email them.
  • Selecting collections. Choice of institutions/collections to search in.
  • Appropriate highlighting. Search term highlighting in the search results display for all search fields used.
  • Search language display. Better natural language display on the search results page of the search you made.

Comments, complaints and suggestions regarding the search interface are welcomed. Please send them to Kat Hagedorn.

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