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Progress Report: April 2002

  • The UNIX version of UIUC's harvester was shipped to us at the end of February. Installation, testing and feedback followed. Version 2 of the harvester was complete and shipped to us the third week of April.

  • We are currently using the harvester to gather metadata of registered OAI data providers (through the list). At present, we have 39 of the archives harvested and transformed to our DLXS bibliographic class format.

  • A short 7-question survey was created and publicized. We received 591 responses. Results will assist us in providing an appropriate interface and functionality for our service. View the summary report of the survey.

  • Three pages of a draft interface were tested with 9 users. We will use the results to further refine our interface. Our plan is to make the interface functional (searching the harvested archives) by the end of June.

  • Kat Hagedorn presented a project report at the Coalition for Networked Information Spring 2002 Task Force Meeting in Washington, DC on April 16. View her presentation (PPT format).

  • Mike Burek and Kat Hagedorn will both be attending the Digital Library Federation Spring Forum 2002 in Chicago, IL, May 10-12. Kat will be presenting the project report there as well, and additionally will host a birds-of-a-feather discussion on issues surrounding OAI data and service providers.

Progress Report: February 2002

  • We have familiarized ourselves with the OAI protocol, its specifications, its uses, who's working in the field, where the work is being done and how our service could differentiate itself.

  • Our primary focus for this phase of the project was to contact individuals who could assist us in providing OAI or non-OAI compliant collections or lead us towards those who have such collections.

  • Most individuals have expressed interest in making their collections OAI compliant. Most are either involved in developing OAI brokers or have this on their timelines for doing within the next 6 months.

  • We are in constant communication with UIUC who is building the harvester that we will use to gather the OAI compliant collections. The Java version of the harvester should be available for our use at the end of this month.

  • Simplified testing of harvesting and transforming has begun. Our work involves developing XSL transformation scripts to be used to transform a collection's XML into a format we can index.

  • We are also working closely with UIUC to develop user testing methods and opportunities for educating data providers on the benefits of OAI compliance.

  • A survey has been developed, designed to understand the level of interest in such a service. Results of this survey should be forthcoming in March.

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