One Good Thing

There are lots of ways to participate in Safer Internet Day, but the best (probably the easiest and most fun) is to share One Good Thing:

Think of a good thing you’ve done or seen somebody else do to make the Internet a better place or the world a better place with the help of the Internet (here are some examples), then share it with a little text or video telling us about it – just 15-30 seconds or 50 words, short and sweet. It could be about…

  • Texting a kind message to a friend who was sad
  • Helping a grandparent figure out Facebook
  • Making sure a young cousin is posting appropriate photos
  • Getting a bunch of parents together and teaching them about how to use social media safely
  • Creating a pile-on of kindness for someone who was getting harassed or cyberbullied
  • Teaching people at a senior center how to make funny Vine videos
  • Showing your parents how to play Minecraft

We’ll fill this site with individuals’, groups’ and schools’ good things. Videos are great, but text is fine too (brevity is best!).

fb logoJust post it on the wall of our Facebook page (you can upload video or photos) or fill out the form below and attach any necessary files. Another way, if you prefer, is to email us via (if the email’s about something you submit in the form below, include the name of the piece you share here so we know what you’re emailing about).

Be sure to share your One Good Thing with everybody too – via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Don’t forget the hashtag: #OneGoodThing

THANK you for helping us celebrate Safer Internet Day!

In the spirit of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, we ask that if you’re under 13 years of age and want to share One Good Thing, please have a parent submit it with his or her email address and phone number.

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