EMEAC at the US Social Forum 2010
June 25, 2010 / Jay Walljasper
A People's Assembly and International Workshop focus on what we share
A Water Commons Clash in the Coliseum
March 19, 2010 / Daniel Moss
Join the fight against privatization of water in Italy.
March 15, 2010 / Jay Walljasper
OTC launches new group to protect water for people and the planet, with websites in both English and Spanish
January 19, 2010 / Maude Barlow
An international rescue plan for fresh water
December 14, 2009 / Daniel Moss
Hoping for a solution in Copenhagen that pays indigenous residents to protect forest, water and farm commons
November 25, 2009 / Daniel Moss
Dispatches of hope from India, outrage from California -- and more.
November 1, 2009 / Adam Davidson-harden
New Mexico's acequias have maintained an equitable sharing of water for 400 years
October 6, 2009 / Jay Walljasper
A new report from Maude Barlow and On TheCommons
June 19, 2009 / Daniel Moss
Citizen-led groups point the way to innovations
May 21, 2009 / Tom Oconell
April 8, 2009 / Jeff Conant
Activists push the idea of a global water commons at the corporate-controlled World Water Forum in Istanbul
March 20, 2009 / Tom Oconell