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Please take our Community survey

Hi all, We’re doing a research study on the eBay Community site, including the forums, discussions, seller news, and knowledge base/Q&A and we would like your confidential feedback. Your individual answers will not be tracked or linked to your sellin...

Unable to cancel orders

Hi I recently got into managed payments. After this, I am unable to approve buyer cancel requests. I'm getting an error "Refund failed for this cancellation" even though there's more than enough available funds in my managed payments. It looks like i...

Updates to Ebay User Agreement regarding Sales Tax Collection - Please explain

Got the email today regarding changes to the User Agreement. Why is information on the changes included in the email rather than a weird hint at the bottom that it is about sales tax collection. This is the only thing I can find in the agreement rega...

Promoted vs non-promoted being seen / search results

So, non-promoted listings may not be seen, as buried in the update. Is this fair? Store operators pay a monthly fee which includes a predetermined number of listings. If a store operator cannot afford to give up more of his profit to pay extra fees f...

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2019 Fall Seller Update - Sales Taxes

Clause 5 - Fees and Taxes "In any jurisdiction where eBay has an obligation to collect sales taxes on sales you make using eBay Services, we may collect such sales taxes from you via the payment method on file under the terms of the Billing Agreement...

Intentional Growth Reversal

Hey all,My story is quite illogical but completely accurate. eBay saw our sales explosions across the internet and invited us back to the platform 13 months ago, after a five year suspension for below standard. Since that time we expanded and grew an...

User agreement - forced tax collection

@Anonymous https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/seller-updates/2019-fall/index.html"Our updated eBay User Agreement, effective August 30, 2019, relates to eBay’s ongoing rights and responsibilities pertaining to marketplace tax collection." I assume ...

Increased visibility for promoted listings in search results

In our ongoing effort to optimize the visibility of Promoted Listings placements, we’re shifting to a mix of promoted and non-promoted listings at the top of search results. Now a mixture of promoted and non-promoted listings will be eligible to appe...

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Does this mean eBay is going to start enforcing its Listing Policies AGAINST large sellers?

If you have a policy issue, we’ll help you fix it to avoid any disruptions to your businessIf we flag a listing for a potential policy issue, we’ll give you an opportunity to correct the issue and avoid disruptions to your business. We’ll clearly com...