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The Pantheon

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The Pantheon is a complex of several machines that together provide email, Web publishing, file service, and general-purpose Unix computing for the Yale community. Scientific and statistics software is also provided for academic computational needs.

Electronic Mail Email on the Pantheon comes in several flavors. As a server, the Pantheon acts as a POP3 and IMAP (planned for Fall '97) server for email applications such as Eudora, Netscape Communicator, or any other POP client. For users with shell accounts, the Pantheon offers Pine, a full screen text-based mail user agent.
Web Publishing Pantheon users may use their allocated home directory space for personal Web publishing. Users' pages are at http://pantheon.yale.edu/~netid.
File Service The Pantheon machines are accessible in several ways for file transfer: FTP, Microsoft Networking (SMB) or AppleShare.
Internet Applications For those users who do not yet have access to Internet applications on their PC or Mac desktops the Pantheon provides access to several utilities, such as newsreaders, web browsers, and directory lookup tools.

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