This page explains how you can publish your own Web pages using your Pantheon account.

  1. Learn how to use Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mosaic, Lynx or another WWW client program. You've probably done this if you've come this far.

  2. Learn the basics of "HTML" (hypertext markup language). There is an HTML Primer, a Crash Course and a Quick Reference Guide to help you get started. HTML is very simple and not as unfriendly as the name suggests.

  3. For stylistic pointers, check out the C/AIM Style Manual.

  4. Create a subdirectory called public_html in your top-level Pantheon directory:
    	mkdir ~/public_html
    The directory must be named public_html so that the Web server can look for data there.

  5. Optional:If you wish, you can set up an alias (usually referred to as symbolic link) to that directory so that you can refer to it with a simpler name:
    	ln -s ~/public_html html
    would create a symbolic link to the public_html directory so that you can refer to it simply as html (e.g. cd html instead of cd public_html).

  6. Create an html file called index.html, with your desired html text (the "index.html" document will be displayed by default when anyone accesses your public_html directory).

  7. Make sure that everyone has "read" access to your files in public_html. Make sure that everyone has "read" and "execute" privileges for the enclosing directories. Your home directory itself will need to have at least world-execute (search) permissions set. The following commands should do the job:
    pantheon% chmod 711 ~			#set privs for home directory
    pantheon% chmod -R 755 ~/public_html/*	#set privs for html files
    pantheon% chmod 755 ~/public_html	#set privs for public_html directory
    Again, any subdirectories you create in the future within public_html must be at least world searchable or world readable and searchable (i.e. mode 711 or 755). Any files within publi_html must be world-readable (mode 644).

  8. Your Web page(s) can now be accessed at

  9. Finally, if you wish to be included in the Gallery of Yale Personal Home Pages send email to the Gallery Master giving your full name, netid, and asking for a gallery link to your home page.

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