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Jay Jay The Jet Plane New Characters coming to Tarrytown! New Characters coming to Tarrytown!

Hi, my name is Lina and I'm Jay Jay's new friend! Catch me and my Tarrytown "amigos" in the all new episodes, Jay Jay's Mysteries on PBS! I love a good "misterio"! Will you help us solve the mysteries?
Jay Jay's Mysteries Synopsis

"The Mystery of Plants" - Jay Jay and Lina discover what it takes for tiny seeds to grow into large plants... and how some plants can lead to very tasty foods!

"The Mystery of Weather" - When Montana can't get to Tarrytown on time, Jay Jay and Lina discover that weather changes from place to place, and that several different types of weather are possible, even in the same day.

"The Mystery of Size and Shape" - Shapes such as squares, circles, triangles and rectangles are discovered all over Tarrytown teaching Jay Jay and his friends all about shapes. The young planes also learn the difference between small, in between and large sizes.

"The Mystery of Flight" - When Revvin' Evan is unable to travel across a bridge, the young planes learn all about what actually makes planes fly and they come up with a plan for Revvin' Evan to "float" across the river with the help of a hot air balloon!

"The Mystery of the Five Senses" - Jay Jay and Lina discover that they use their five senses - seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting - all the time.

"The Mystery of Water" - Jay Jay and Lina trace the "journey of water" and discover that every living thing on earth needs water including people, plants and animals!

"The Mystery of Bugs" - When a bee interrupts Lina's nap, it leads the young planes to discover that bugs, or insects, provide some useful functions like how bees provide us with honey!

"The Mystery of Time" - The planes learn just how a clock works, enabling Lina to learn how to tell time, just "in time" to make her first delivery.

"The Mystery of Stars and Planets" - Jay Jay and Lina are introduced to constellations in the night sky, and discover that by connecting the stars they can turn the night sky into amazing pictures. They also learn how one star can guide them to their friends!

"The Mystery of Dinosaurs" - When Lina discovers a dinosaur fossil near Tarrytown, it causes her to have a dream in which a large, friendly dinosaur is walking around Tarrytown Airport. It's only a dream, but the young planes learn about different types of dinosaurs, and discover that the mystery of how dinosaurs became extinct has still not been solved.

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