Last modified: April 26, 1995. Resources for GIS on the Net: Getting Started

Internet resources for GIS: getting started


What is GIS? See a good introduction from the USGS, or from the University of Edinburgh Geography Department

For an interesting essay on using various internet tools to gather information about GIS, you might want to look at "A GIS User Guide to Internet Tools" -- but be prepared to wait: all the images are in-lined, and this is one BIG file (by Shane Nurnion and George Munroe, Queen's University of Belfast).

A fundamental on-line reference is the compilation of frequently asked questions from the GIS list.

Alphabetical listings

If you want the most comprehensive lists of GIS resources on the net, start with one of these:

Thematic listings

If you want references organized so you can find information a specific GIS-related topic, these servers will point you to the best resources most quickly:

General, especially strong on U.S. listings

General, especially strong on European listings

Emphasizing remote sensing

Emphasizing cartography

Grab bag of other servers with GIS references

WWW servers

Gopher servers


Eye-popping demos of GIS

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