The National Bridge

A long time ago one could cross Penfeld River thanks to small, flimsy and sea-unworthy boats - that crossing was quite dangerous : First comes the idea of a floating bridge, but in the end, the one of building a real bridge was accepted. Amongst the various plans proposed to the Civil Engineering Minister, Cadiat and Oudry's was accepeted on the 1rst may 1854. Building works began 2 years later, because the 2 metal and moving "arms" of 52 meters and 750 tons each - had to be produced by Schneider's workshop in Creusot. On the 23rd of June 1861, day of the opening, both riversides were linked

The National Bridge
As the harbour was an important military target for the Allies, the bridge was destroyed during the fightings for the Liberation of the town in 1944.
Sortie du croiseur d'Estrées
It was only on the 17th of July 1954 that the National Bridge (swing bridge) was replaced by the Recouvrance Bridge. It's the biggest movable bridge in Europe

Le nouveau pont


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