Translation – Getting it right (a guide to buying translation)

Translation GIT

By now you must have noticed that I am a fan of Chris Durban. If you don’t know who I am talking about, just check her interview by Catherine Jan.

If you need a translation but don’t know where to start, Chris Durban has put together a little guide. This guide has been translated in many languages including French, German, Italian, Czech and Dutch.

Since the original first release, she has revised the text and the latest English version was made available in 2011 on the American Translators Association website.

This handbook answers most of the questions you may have about our trade. It answers the basic questions such as how much will it cost, or how important is style.

But it also features the trickier ones: why should you pay for a professional translator when using a language teacher, a student or a bilingual friend would be cheaper?

Not to forget my all time favourite:

Hi again Pierre :-) Sorry, I’m not sure I understand the mother tongue issue. Your English looks good enough to me. Why do you recommend me another translator? Surely, as an architect, your expertise is sufficient?! I can’t see why you won’t accept this translation?! :-(“

That’s exactly my point. If English was my mother tongue, you’d have understood me. So read through  Translation – Getting it right. It will tell you about the mother tongue issue.

And now that the latest version explains the difference between translation and interpreting, you won’t anymore call me what I am not – I am a translator; I write.

Note for peers: the Translation - getting it right guide is also a useful tool for translators, as it provides well formulated answers to most of the FAQ we receive, which will save us some precious time when building client relationship.


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