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C’est décidé, j’arrête l’anglais

Vous êtes Tu es très observateurs, lecteurs nombreux et fidèles, ce blog a subi quelques altérations. Suite à un billet récent de Translation Guy, je me suis posé plusieurs questions : à qui s’adresse un blog ? Quelle attitude, quel état d’esprit adopter lorsqu’on s’adresse à son lecteur  ? Quels sont les billets pour lesquels j’ai pris [...]

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About us

How can you tell the good language service provider from the bad? Most company websites have an “about us” section. It tells you why you should choose them over all the other competitors. With translation companies, the good guys are not always easy to spot, but here’s an indication: they focus on quality. They tend [...]


Translation Standards and ProZ interests

Professional standards are good, especially if they are high. They guarantee a minimum quality of service to the translation buyer and (should) guarantee a minimum charging fee to the language service provider. The problem is the legitimacy of these standards. Who is the legitimate authority? Standards should be set by a legitimate body. This body [...]

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Translation rates

A translation agency would have me believe that they were “struggling to make any profit” and sent me the following email: I notice your rates are higher than we would normally pay. I have been tasked with looking for French translators to work with on a regular basis who will accept rates between £0.035-0.045. At [...]


Comment traduire les plans de CAO (I)

Ami lecteur qui as besoin d’une traduction de plans Autocad, voici trois points important à  retenir avant de contacter un prestataire de services de traduction. Les fichiers Autocad, au même titre que certains autres fichiers graphiques, comportent souvent des éléments textuels que tu as besoin de faire traduire. Alors que, pour la plupart, les fichiers [...]


How to translate CAD Drawings (IV) – Using CAT tools (II)

I have already discussed the problems related to the translation of CAD drawings. In a previous post, I even had a look at a small software, called TranslateCAD, which can extract translatable texts from drawings and convert them in small Unicode text files, allowing the translator to use her or his favourite CAT tool. TranslateCAD [...]

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Goods or services?

I read two interesting posts about fees by Scottish translators Jonathan Downie and Marian Dougan (if you expect a stereotype joke, you’re at the wrong address). A question they raise is whether translators should charge for the goods they deliver, i.e. the actual translated texts, or for the services they provide, i.e. the hours they [...]


How to Translate CAD Drawings (III) – AutoCAD VS Revit

You’ve seen my previous posts about translating CAD drawings and they made you smile because, having worked as an engineer for many years prior to becoming a translator, you actually know how to use AutoCAD and have access to a licensed product – or to a trial version. So translating AutoCAD drawings is not really [...]


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