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Plone Development
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We currently host development of Plone @ SourceForge
You can submit bug reports and feature requests to the Plone bug tracker

Plone Development

Plone is under constant development, and here we provide you with the necessary details of how to become a Plone developer and help out in general.

How can you help out?

We are currently looking for:

  • documentation writers

  • ECMAScript/DOM luminaries

  • testers

  • internationalization (i18n) people

  • and of course any experienced Zopista who wants to help.

    Send a mail to the Plone developer mailing list if you want to contribute to Plone.

Report bugs and request features

We still maintain our Bug Tracker at zope.org - submit bugs and feature requests here

Mailing lists

We have a couple of mailing lists, too. Plone Developers mailing list is for development of Plone. For those of you who download and use Plone, we recommend the CMF Mailing list - most Plone developers read that mailing list. And as Plone is built with CMF, most likely your question concerns the CMF in general.

Contributing code

We host our development at SourceForge, and welcome new developers to the Plone Team. Visit the SourgeForge area to learn more.

Release schedule

Our release schedule can be found here - if you want to contribute please look at what needs to be done!

Online chat

...and if you want to talk to us live, we can usually be found on the #zope channel on OpenProjects.net, where we are known as limi and runyaga. In CET (Europe) and CST (USA) timezones, respectively. Click here if you want to connect to it directly. The link will only work if your browser and IRC client supports it - either Mozilla with Chatzilla or Internet Explorer with mIRC installed.