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We currently host development of Plone at SourceForge
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Plone Roadmap

The road ahead and some important milestones for Plone. All times are estimates. Coordinators listed in parantheses.

Plone 1.1 (May/June 2003)

  • User management inside the Plone interface (limi, runyaga)
  • Groups (GRUF is the likely candidate right now) (andy)
  • Products installer that allows you to install Products from within Plone (zwork)
  • Remove CMFDefault dependencies for views and scripts (runyaga, limi)
  • Modular Preferences architecture, so Products can add their own prefs (runyaga, limi)
  • CMFTypes ships with Core Plone (bcsaller)
  • CustomizationPolicy tuning (runyaga)
  • CMFTypes versions of the standard content types (bcsaller)
  • Version support via CMFStaging (runyaga, limi)
  • Cross platform Controller (andy)
  • Placeless translationservice integrated (lalo, others)

Plone 1.2 (Hard dependency on CMF 1.4)

(tentative list)

  • Remove all CMFDefault dependencies
  • Workspace support
  • Portlets architecture and configuration

PloneĀ² (August 2003)

(tentative list)

  • reFlow dependency (both DCWorkflow and reFlow are used for entity- and process-based workflows, respectively)
  • CMFTypes dependency
  • Component CSS architecture (The Oslo skin system)