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Programming Guidelines

The Plone project also strives for beauty in code, not just visuals. Some general guidelines are listed here.

For all code:

  • Major changes and new features should be done on a branch, but ask the list before you create one.

  • Enter descriptive check-in messages in CVS, messages like "fix" and similar does not help us when retracing our steps later. If you fix items from the Collector, include item number and a short explanation of what you did.

Nitpicking guidelines for code style:

  • No tabs! Use spaces as indenting, 4 spaces for each level.

  • Indent properly, even in HTML.

  • Follow the existing style, look at other code if in doubt.

  • use UNIX carriage returns, not Windows (usually an option under file saving in the preferences in your editor on Windows)

(more to be added :)



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