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Plone supports multiple languages natively, and we want it to have as many translations as possible, and to make sure the translations are of the highest quality. This documents contains information about the Plone translation effort.

There are several aspects to internationalization of Plone:

  • Enabling i18n support in Plone - to get translated Plone working in Zope versions below 2.7, you need to follow this procedure.

  • Guidelines for translators - do you want to translate Plone into your language? Here's how to do it.

  • Existing translations - a list of the already existing translations of Plone. Responsible authors are listed, along with status and last update. Check this list before you start a translation effort for your language

  • Guidelines for developers - did you create a great Product for Plone and want it to be translatable in an easy manner? This is the correct way to do it.

Note: i18n is the shorthand version of the word internationalization - you will see this reference a lot of places, not just in Plone :)

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