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last edited 2 months ago by runyaga
  • Description - Pagelet Tool
  • PLIP - 11
  • Proposer - Joe Geldart
  • Seconder -
  • Status - StillTalking?


  1. Definitions
  2. Proposal
  3. Motivation
  4. Implementation
  5. Deliverables
  6. Risks


If you have any definitions for your PLIP, please include them here. For example:

A small chunk of a page. A macro.


This PLIP proposes the creation of a tool, called the Pagelet Tool, for the specification of the components of main_template. This tool will be an action provider, allowing the components to be turned on and off, re-ordered (within their category) and conditions placed on its display. The categories will be used to specify which page segment (e.g. top, column-one, footer etc) the pagelet is to appear in.


It has been a design goal with Plone 2 to eliminate template customisation as far as possible. This has been done to ease migration and to avoid damaging such tricky enhancements such as accessibility. This PLIP proposes a replacement for the last major reason for stock template editing; editing main_template to change the rendering of the macros.

This approach also has other benefits. By placing all pagelet decisions into a tool such as this, custom content types can easily add components into the page (such as portlets, custom CSS definitions or javascripts) along with conditions. Portlets themselves become more powerful with the addition of conditions. Finally, the specification of page components (mainly a site admin task) can be neatly brought into the control panel.


To implement this proposal will require the creation of a very simple action provider, a default set of pagelets (which would be added by the creation script) and a configlet for the configuration of the page.


One new class, one pagetemplate and a couple of pythonscripts. Documents taking the form of tutorials and howtos, a README and in-page help. Editing of several classes to cause tool (and configlet) to be auto-added during page creation.

Risk Factors

Since this replaces main_template customisation, all main_template customisations done with Plone 2 are made redundant. Customisers will have to add and remove pagelets using this tool instead.


Integration with PDLib? --runyaga, Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:30:19 -0600 reply How would/could PDLib? be integrated with this PLIP?


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