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last edited 2 weeks ago by limi
  • Description - Enabling a versioning engine in Plone
  • PLIP - 17
  • Proposer - Alexander Limi
  • Seconder - Paul Everitt
  • Status - Draft


  1. Definitions
  2. Motivation
  3. Assumptions
  4. Proposal
  5. Implementation
  6. Deliverables
  7. Risks
  8. Time line
  9. Participants

1. Definitions

Plone Improvement Process

2. Motivation

Plone has reached agreement on the engine for versioning, though discussions remain on how to version content. With this proposal, the engine goes into Plone.

3. Assumptions

To start making decisions and progress on this, we would like to find the lowest level of agreement and get it into Plone-the-Product (PTP), without wiring it into the actual content interface yet.

This is similar to the strategy for putting Archetypes into Plone 2.0. It's there, but doesn't yet do much by default.

4. Proposal

  • PTP 2.1 nightly test builds include ZVC
  • Product name is PloneEditions
  • based on CMFEditions?
    • CMFEditions? needs CMFStaging? and ZVC
    • CMFEditions? is from its API configurable for

      versioning, staging or both

  • in the first step only the versioning part will be implemented
  • The Plone Control Panel has an entry for "Repository" with a single knob, such as turn on/off versioning

5. Implementation

No changes should be necessary in the Plone core (except for the hooks for automatic install).

6. Deliverables

  • The standard deliverables
    • Quickinstaller conformant product
    • Registers itself into the Plone control panel
    • unit tests, localizations, Installer, INSTALL.txt and README.txt)
  • Unit tests
  • Localization
  • Documentation

7. Risk Factors

Very low-risk, as there's not any wiring up to the Plone interface done yet.

8. Time line

Not decided yet.

9. Participants

Phil Auersperg, BlueDynamics
Main coordination.
Grégoire Weber

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