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You can submit bug reports and feature requests to the Plone Collector
We currently host development of Plone at SourceForge
There is also a development Wiki available for the Plone Developers.
Help regarding Plone development and deployment is available in the news groups and mailing lists.


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Plone Improvement Proposals

Before a feature is added to Plone, a PLIP needs to be written.

A PLIP template in STX is available.

Existing PLIPs

Plone Improvement Process, a structure for the addition of Plone features. Status: implemented
[PLIP1]? Plone Control Panel
A Control Panel plugin system for Plone. Status: implemented
PLIP2 Plone Controller
A cross-platform application to handle start/stop of Plone instances. Status: still talking
PLIP3 Form Controller / validation rewrite
Get rid of portal_form. Simplify form validation. Status: implemented
PLIP4 Plone 2.1
Features/Enhancements for Plone 2.1
PLIP5 Refactor visual editing
Make it easier to use third party visual editors with Plone.
PLIP6 Add Portlets to Plone
Make it easier to configure slots/portlets.
PLIP7 Plone PloneGroupSpace? objects
Extend Plone's group awareness to enable it to support team-centric collaborative environments. Status: Awaiting Feedback
PLIP8 Editions (Staging and Versioning)
Allow users to edit an item leaving the already published item unchanged (staging) and save versions of items to be retreivable later (versions). Status: IsWorkInProgress?
PLIP9 Ticle
Placeless Content, Relations, Links. Status: still writing the PLIP
PLIP10 Portrait Management
Overview over all member portraits in the control panel (depr. moved to a seperate product)
PLIP11 Pagelet tool
Creation of a new tool to eliminate all editing of main_template by site creators for good.
PLIP12 Event Service
Incorporation, use cases, and artifact regarding integration of into Plone Status: Contemplation
PLIP13 Plone Creation Process
Documentation and execution of how a Plone site is created. Discusses hook points, migration and stages. Status: Contemplation
PLIP14 Rich Text editing integration in Plone 2.x
The future direction of the default installed Rich Text editor in Plone. Status: Being implemented
PLIP15 Making Plone Go Fast
Plone has never been optimized for speed. We have be fixated on various aspects of HTML presentation and User experience without regard to speed. With minor adjustments we can make Plone much faster.
PLIP16 Local-Roles Enhancement
Make acquisition of local-roles from parent objects optional on a per-object basis.
PLIP17 Version Repository Engine
Plone has reached agreement on the engine for versioning, though discussions remain on how to version content. With this proposal, the engine goes into Plone.
PLIP18 Actions on Search Batches
Make it possible to do cut/paste/state operations on search batches.
PLIP19 Compare versions
Allow document-oriented content types to be compared, mostly between versions.
PLIP20 Extended Link Content Type
Allow Links to be used as proxy objects, and more control over their behaviour.
PLIP21 Managing Multiple Sites in Plone
Enabling several different views on the same content in a Plone site.


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