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i18n Team

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Responsible for the translation process of Plone and add-on products. (Team leaders: Jodok Batlogg, Godefroid Chapelle)
i18n Team Translations
Plone supports multiple languages natively, and we want it to have as many translations as possible, and to make sure the translations are of the highest quality. This documents contains information about the Plone translation effort.
i18n Team Guidelines for translators
This document documents the correct approach of translating Plone, you should read all of this before you start translating it into your language.
i18n Team Existing Translations
A list of the translations existing in the Plone Universe, along with relevant contact information for the responsible translators.
i18n Team Guidelines for Developers
An overview on how to enable i18n in your Plone Product.
i18n Team Date and Time formatting
Plone uses the message catalog to display time and date format depending on the user's language choice. Here are the IDs available.
i18n Team How To Rebuild Plone POT With i18ndude
i18n Team Plone Translator's FAQ
This document answers frequently asked questions concerning translations. It provides additional help and information, accompanying the "Guidelines for Translators". You may find the source of this document in the i18n/ directory of the plone-i18n project on SourceForge.
i18n Team Existing Translations Chart
i18n Team i18n Team
Responsible for this Wiki area is Jodok Batlogg and Godefroid Chapelle. Issues that need to be fixe

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