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This is the area for the UI Team of Plone. Michael Zeltner is the Wiki maintainer, but everyone is invited to contribute. If you're interested in seeing what we're planning, please take a look at the Roadmap.

Feel free to join our channel #plonedesign on freenode and join our currently mailinglist plone-design (which is available through Gmane too).


CSS powered Plone Sites
A list of Websites that used CSS for Layout and Design, without modifying markup for Design
The Plone 2 UI Cookbook
A collection of tips, tricks, tutorials and articles for customising the Plone 2 UI.
Creating Websites with Plone 2
A tutorial on creating complete sites using Plone and the Plone UI (under construction - not available yet)
Coding Standards
these should/will get into 2.1 (under construction)
Browser Support
About Plone and the Any Browser Button
Issues For 2.1
Yes finally we got our Todo/Wish List for 2.1
Our Feature Wishlists - Some of that will end up as PLIP
Ideas Workspace
Where Whishlist Notes get mature
Add-on Cleanup
A workspace for those add-ons that need to have a UI spring clean (categorised by priority)
Usability Cleanup
The initial usability cleanup list for 2.0 - mostly complete now.


Issues Before 2.0
Old Todo List for 2.0 (everything deferred or unfinished moved to the 2.1 list)
More Documents
All Documents and Folders (Folder Index)

UI Team Members

Alexander Limi
Director, Usability Expert, All Hands Person
Chad Whitacre
Geir Baekholt
ECMAScript? Expert, CSS
Joe Geldart
Semantics Expert, XHTML, CSS, Accessibility
Michael Zeltner
CSS Expert, XHTML, Accessibility, Semantics
Tom Croucher
Accessibility Expert, XHTML, ECMAscript?, Information architecture

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