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Website Team

last edited 2 weeks ago by limi

This is the development area for the Website Team.

Thanks to Limi for setting this up. I (George Donnelly) will be your friendly neighborhood wiki gardener.;)

Discussion is done on the Website list

Previous Thought:

George's review of Nov 9 03.

Upcoming Events:

Snow Sprint Website Effort
The Snow Sprint in Austria has scheduled some work to be done. Most of the basic supporting structures should be well underway or finished by the end of it.

Some ideas:

Mailman-Ploneboard integration
Using Ploneboard to display the mailing lists from Mailman.
PloneChatRoom-PyIRC integration
bringing IRC to the web, so people without clients can participate.
Help Section
A generic help area that searches the forum/mailing lists and FAQ objects.
Products Section
The area that lists all the Collective and other related projects.
Rating component
Details about the generic rating component that we need to rate content on
Team Overview Pages
The team overview pages should be autogenerated.
Quote Product
An easy-to-use AT-based quote product that knows how to render itself in-page.
Proper About Page
We need a landing page for Google, and a good summary of what Plone offers.
Documenting the Collective
Not the products themselves, but the process for joining, its mission etc.
Documentation Content Types
Content type for the various pieces of documentation on
Smart 404 pages
maybe consider using RedirectionTool?

Site standard pages

[First Member Walk-through]?


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