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Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada
As Prime Minister, I am very much looking forward to this new session of Parliament, to work with my colleagues and Canadians in communities large and small, for a better future. To put us on the right path, my government’s key priorities are to nurture our social foundations, to build a 21st century economy, and to ensure Canada’s place of pride and influence in the world.

February 10, 2004: Prime Minister Paul Martin speaks to reporters about the Auditor General?s report on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Photo by Dave Chan-PMO.
The Government of Canada responds to the Auditor General’s Report
The Government of Canada issued several releases in response to the Auditor General’s Report on Sponsorship and Advertising.  All documents are available online, including the videos of the Prime Minister's statements of February 10 and February 12, 2004.   [Read More]

March 01, 2004: Prime Minister Paul Martin presents the Report of the Commission on the Private Sector & Development at the United Nations in New York City. As United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan looks on. Photo by Dave Chan-PMO.
Prime Minister Paul Martin presents report to Secretary General Kofi Annan
Prime Minister Paul Martin as co-chair of the United Nations’ Commission on Private Sector and Development presented a report to Secretary General Kofi Annan.   [Read More]

February 23, 2004: Prime Minister Paul Martin holds Roundtable with Montreal area mayors in Montreal, Quebec.  Photo by Dave Chan-PMO.
Video highlights of the Roundtable meeting with Communauté métropolitaine of Montreal
Prime Minister Martin met with mayors from across the province of Quebec to discuss a new deal for cities and municipalities.   [Read More]

Video highlights of the First Minister's Meeting in Ottawa
Prime Minister Paul Martin met with Canada’s provincial and territorial premiers on January 30, 2004.  The meeting took place at 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of the Prime Minister.   [Read More]



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