Programme and Budget (C/5)

Programme and Budget (C/5)
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The Programme and Budget of the Organisation (document C/5) is approved every two years by the General Conference.

UNESCO’s Programme and Budget for 2008-2009 (document 34 C/5 Draft (PDF)2,03 MB) translates the policy directions and focus provided by the Medium-Term Strategy for 2008-2013 (draft 34 C/4) into concrete thematic and policy-style approaches for the five Programme Sectors of UNESCO (Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information).

The draft 34 C/5 has been built around Zero Real Growth (ZRG) as core budget scenario, amounting to US$ 648.3 M. The document also presents three other scenarios, set out in order of preference: Real Growth scenario (RG) with a budget ceiling at US$ 658.3 M, Adjusted Zero Nominal Growth scenario (AZNG) amounting to US$ 623 M, and the Zero Nominal Growth scenario (ZNG), under which the budget would amount to US$ 610 M.

Draft document 34 C/5 has been designed to cast UNESCO’s action in response to the “overarching objectives” and “strategic programme objectives” of the Medium-Term Strategy into a limited set of “biennial sectoral priorities” with measurable results, thereby ensuring a seamless transition between UNESCO’s medium-term and biennial programme priorities.

These biennial sectoral priorities are developed into a limited number of main lines of action (MLAs), whose overall number has been significantly reduced compared to the previous biennial programme and budget. For each MLA, expected results are formulated, together with performance indicators and benchmarks.

To prepare a more user-friendly document, draft 34 C/5 has been divided into two volumes:

Volume 1 of draft document 34 C/5 contains only the resolutions proposed for adoption by UNESCO’s General Conference. These are each accompanied, for ease of reference, by the list of expected results for relevant sections of the plans of action and by a short text explaining the programmatic impact of the different budget scenarios presented to the General Conference.

Volume 2 of draft document 34 C/5 contains the programmatic and budgetary details, including expected results, performance indicators and benchmarks by main line of action (MLA) as well as the budgetary tables, broken down by programme and staffing costs for each MLA.


Draft Resolutions 2008-2009 (34 C/5) Volume 1
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