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  Our task is to study what is, to anticipate what could be, and to determine what should be, in order to reduce the gap between what is and what should be.  
  Think tank, standard-setter, catalyst for cooperation

As one of UNESCO’s five specialized Sectors, we have the mission of advancing knowledge, standards and intellectual cooperation in order to facilitate social transformations where the values of justice, freedom and human dignity can be fully realized.

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  desert.gif   The Social and human sciences documentation centre launches its Africa South of the Sahara Database.
This new database provides information on the region's social and human sciences research and training institutes and periodicals.

  onlineperiodicals.gif   Social and Human Sciences Online Periodicals
Directory of e-journals in the social and human sciences.

  comest_freshwater_sm.gif   Best Ethical Practice in Water Use
The examples of best practice in this booklet illustrate the efforts made throughout the world to fill the gap between the promise contained in the right to water and the need for wider coverage of basic water services as clearly articulated at the 3rd World Water Forum, held in Kyoto in March 2003.


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The International Social Science Journal is published quarterly in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Each issue is devoted to a special theme.