Prospective Studies
Imagining, observing, conversing, convincing…in order to better prepare for the future. That is the objective of UNESCO’s Foresight Program.

First of all, imagining and observing while preparing and developing the UNESCO World Report, an interdisciplinary forward-looking report dedicated every two years to a new theme considered essential for the future of the planet and of humanity.

Next imagining and conversing during the 21st-Century Talks and Dialogues, forums for prospective reflection and future-oriented debate that gather together leading figures from different regions of the world, who work on key questions about the future.

Finally, imagining and convincing through articles dedicated to major future-oriented themes that are published in leading newspapers and academic journals of different regions of the world, and through radio and television programmes.

Now more than ever UNESCO is striving to sensitize the public and decision-makers to the high stakes of the future and to foresight: because UNESCO’s mission is most effective when it guides the way for tomorrow's world.

  entretiens_valeurs_sm.gif   21st Century Talks: "The Future of Values"
28 April 2004 - On the occasion of the publication of the book Où vont les Valeurs ? (Albin Michel / Editions UNESCO) Hélé BÉJI, Axel KAHN, Paul RICOEUR and Gianni VATTIMO will hold a debate  More...


  city_sm.gif   21st Century Talks : "Should Globalization be Made More Democratic?"
22 March 2004 - Boutros BOUTROS-GHALI, Arjun APPADURAI, Daniel COHEN and Edgar MORIN will discuss on the theme "Should Globalization be Made More Democratic?"  More...



  UNESCO World Report: “Building Knowledge Societies”
The aim of the UNESCO World Report is to strengthen the intellectual, strategic and ethical watch capacities of the international community and of societies.