Pathways of Thought: Emerging Humanisms
International Philosophy and Humanities Symposium at Bibliotheca Alexandrina
bib_alex.jpgThe emergence of new forms of citizen participation, particularly in multi-cultural and trans-territorial contexts, raises crucial questions of equity and freedom. The term « emerging humanisms » is meant to designate the values and knowledge owing to which civic practices are renewed at the grassroots levels of society, through movements of solidarity and emancipation, seeking to fill the voids left by excessively rapid transformation. By providing an opportunity for an exchange between thinkers from different disciplines and cultures, this meeting will address the following questions:
  • Can we discern a need for renewed or restructured instances of legitimacy in emerging forms of civic participation?
  • What are the hopes and the risks held in store?
  • What are the lessons drawn by the humanities on the renewal of values for life in society?
  • How can cultural perspectives and humanistic knowledge further elucidate these trends?
The need to open this discussion at the international level is verified in indications that the humanist project is under a dual stress: just as it appears increasingly fragmented and even fragile, it is more and more radicalised as it becomes the focus of greater expectations. UNESCO must follow these philosophical developments as a laboratory of ideas and as a catalyst for intellectual and ethical action at the international level.

Participants and Topics

Starting Date 09 Dec 2003
End Date 10 Dec 2003
Conference type Symposium
Conference Location Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt
Organizer UNESCO
Partners / Sponsors ORDECC (Organização para el desenvolvimiento da ciência e da cultura, Brazil) and Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
Contact Name Frances Albernaz
Contact Email
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