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Ethics of Scientific Education

Ethics and responsibility of science should be an integral part of the education and training of scientists (…) Young scientists should be appropriately encouraged to respect and adhere to basic ethical principles and responsibilities of science. COMEST, in cooperation with ICSU have a responsibility to follow up on this issue.

(World Conference on Science Framework for Action, paragraph 71)

The first step taken by COMEST towards the fulfillment of this mandate was the organization of a Working Group that will give the necessary advice on how to integrate awareness and competence in the field of ethics and responsibility of scientific education and research in the training of every young scientist.

The COMEST Working Group on the Teaching of Ethics will draft a project proposal which will be discussed in a second meeting in Beijing in May 2003. The proposal is to include a survey of existing programmes, an analysis of their structure and content, and a detailed curriculum advice on how to integrate ethics, as well as training in history, philosophy and cultural impact of science in scientific education.

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First Meeting of the COMEST Working Group on Ethics and Responsibility in Research Training
(Paris; 26-01-2003 - 26-01-2003)
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The purpose of the meeting was to gather information and ideas as well as to discuss the content and structure of the project: The ethics of scientific education.


Second Meeting of the Working Group on Ethics in Research Training
(Oslo - Norway; 10-05-2003 - 12-05-2003)
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The meeting will be devoted to the discussion of the report describing the project.