International Journal on Multicultural Societies
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Current Issue of the IJMS:

Pluralism and Multiculturalism in Colonial and Post-Colonial Societies

Vol. 5, No. 2, December 2003, edited by GURHARPAL SINGH & JOHN REX


The International Journal on Multicultural Societies (IJMS) is a scholarly and professional journal, published by UNESCO. It provides a platform for international, interdisciplinary and policy-related social science research in the fields of migration, multiculturalism, and minority rights. Established by UNESCO's social sciences research and policy division in 1998, it aims at improving the linkages between academic communities in various regions and accross different social science disciplines. One of its particular features is to promote the policy-relevance of social science research. Each issue is devoted to a coherent thematic debate on a key issue in the field of migration and multiculturalism. All articles published in the IJMS are refereed in external peer-review.

The opinions expressed in IJMS articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UNESCO.

Up-coming issues:
  • Multilingualism on the Internet, ed. by Sue Wright

Call for papers:

A future thematic issue of the IJMS, edited by Christine Inglis (University of Sydney), is devoted to current developments in migration and multicultural policies in the Asia-Pacific region. The editor is interested in receiving proposals or paper submissions related to this topic.

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