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Proceedings of the Third Session of COMEST
COMEST devoted this Third Session (in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1-4 December 2003) to assessing its work over the last biennium and to developing a new approach. A Youth Forum on the ethics of science and technology was also held.
More than 600 people attended the meeting over its four days, including students, policymakers, members of the scientific community, IGOs and NGOs.

This Third Session, the first statutory session held outside Europe, was characterized by a number of scientific debates and political events, and gave the opportunity to examine the work carried out by COMEST during the last biennium. It also provided the Latin American and Caribbean Region with a privileged forum to discuss ethical issues at stake in the earlier areas of activity of the Commission, namely: fresh water, outer space, energy, the environment and sustainability, scientific education, and the information society.

The Session also focused for the first time on new themes such as the ethics of nanotechnology, ethics education, an oath and a code of conduct for scientists, the ethical implication of research with human beings in developing countries, and the relationship between the development of science and technology and sustainability.

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