Observatoire mondiale de l'éthique
Pas disponible en français. Seulement disponible en anglais.
UNESCO will develop a world-wide network of databases in bioethics and other areas of applied ethics such as environmental ethics, science ethics and technology ethics. This network will include 4 databases: (a) Who’s who in ethics; a database of individual experts in ethics; (b) database of institutions, centres, commissions in the area of ethics; (c) data base of ethics teaching programs, and (d) database of legislation, guidelines and regulations in connection to ethics. These databases will be global; they will include data and information from all Member States of UNESCO. The mainframe will be in Paris (with information in English and French); regional centres have started in Porto Alegre, Brazil (with information in Spanish and Portuguese) and Vilnius, Lithuania (with information in Russian). In the future new regional centres will cover the Arabic and Chinese languages.
GEO will be accessible for all persons in all Member States, so that experts can be identified and helpful materials provided for establishing ethics committee, making regulations in the area of ethics, examining what other countries have drafted or legislated, or finding detailed examples of teaching programs.

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