L'Éthique autour du Monde
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The Division of Ethics of Science and Technology (EST) of UNESCO is organizing a series of ethics conferences in various countries. Through these conferences information about the programme of ethics of science and technology of UNESCO can be disseminated. The conferences can also provide a platform to establish intensive contacts with experts and interested parties in the countries.
The series of conferences is planned in co-operation with the National Commissions for UNESCO, so that a joint venture will be established to the benefit of all participating institutions. A written document is available to invite Member States to participate in this program of rotating conferences. The document explains the relevant issues and activities in planning a conference. The document is available in English and French.


A rotating conference has two objectives:
  1. To provide information about the activities of UNESCO in the area of ethics, and disseminate materials produced;

  2. To interact with professionals and experts from the country in exchanging information, having input into UNESCO activities, and create a network with interested target audiences.

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